Does This Sound Like You?

Are you so fatigued that even light movement or trying to get through your day can be a chore?

Perhaps you are feeling extremely stressed or anxious because you can't perform well at work and aren't able to support your family like you used to?

Do you experience "mystery aches and pains" that are slowing you down... which your doctor explains away as "old age"?

Or perhaps you've been to your doctor only to be hit with a "chronic fatigue" diagnosis and no clue what to do next. Chronic fatigue is often a blanket diagnosis when doctors don't have the tools or know-how to get to the bottom of your health concerns, which are typically multiple-factorial. While they may do a physical exam or basic bloodwork, both can miss more serious health imbalances to blame for your total lack of energy.

The Conventional Approach To CFS

The conventional approach to treating chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is focused on the emotional and mindset spectrum of treatment, all while the physiological root causes go undetected. 

Often, doctors will prescribe antidepressants when they don't see anything obvious in your blood work and can't give you convincing explanations about the root cause of your symptoms.

Sadly, the label of chronic fatigue is given while something more serious could be spiraling out of control – and is now impacting hormonal balance, brain health, and even cellular health.

Some imbalances at play can include gut dysbiosis – such as SIBO, leaky gut, and/or Candida overgrowth. 

A poor diet, stealth infections, an undiagnosed food allergy, hormone imbalances such as hypothyroidism, low testosterone, progesterone, or estrogen, and exposure to environmental toxins like mold are all potential causes of chronic fatigue that go completely overlooked in the conventional treatment approach.

Chronic Fatigue

The Functional Medicine Approach

When it comes to chronic fatigue syndrome, it’s essential to work with a functional medicine practitioner who can not only help with the mindset/emotional component but also run the correct testing to determine if a hormone imbalance, gut disorders, food allergies, or other imbalances are to blame for your chronic fatigue symptoms.

At Dr. Barbara NP by Anthea Health, I take a holistic approach to any chronic disorder – including chronic fatigue. It’s less about the official label (being diagnosed with CFS) and more about investigating the “why.”

Once I do the correct testing, we craft a precise treatment plan unique to your needs that includes all the elements you need to leave your chronic fatigue behind.

This can include treatments like bioidentical hormone replacement that can help to rebalance your body and kick chronic fatigue to the curb.

If you have been experiencing symptoms relating to chronic fatigue and are looking for answers, schedule a free discovery call today so I can explore what might be going on and what steps to take next.

Take The First Step To Better Hormone Balance

Looking to restore hormone balance & vibrant health, but aren't sure about your options? Book a free discovery call to get the clarity & confidence you need!

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